Cycling Le Tour de France (for Charity)


In a moment of questionable genius I have signed up to cycle the last nine days of the 2014 Tour de France (the other 12 were too flat).

The Charity that organise this are the William Wates Memorial Trust whose mission is to help the most disadvantaged young people keep away from a life of crime and violence and fulfill their potential through sport. Which seems fairly in keeping with cycling several hundred kilometres over some excessively large mountains.

Obviously in the end I get to cycle several stages of Le Tour de France which should be tops. But in between now and then I suspect I am going to have to spend more hours on a bike than is enjoyable in an English winter. I might even have to give up beer for a bit…

So this is the sponsor me please blog post.

But I might take some time to point out just what a lot effort this is going to be.

9 Days of the Tour De France

In total this is 1,504 kilometres of riding over some of the biggest climbs of the Alps & the Pyrenees before heading to the party in Paris.

The stages to look out for are: Stage 14

Stage 14

A stage that could be made slightly more epic by paddling the Guisane & the Guil rivers with maybe a bit of via ferrata.

And Stage 18

Stage 18

Where I’ll get to tick off Tourmalet, with a smile of my face, pain in my legs and one more climb to go.

Anyway, the other stages aren’t exactly flat but those are the big ones so sponsor me please. For those who don’t have the money to donate I will also be looking for training buddies. So you can donate some time on a bike that’s also acceptable.


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